Sinus Facts

Interesting Sinus Facts

  • SinusitisSinusitis affects 37 million people each year.
  • Sinusitis may be acute or chronic.
  • A cold or allergy attack that won’t go away may actually be sinusitis.
  • Irritating environmental pollutants may precipitate a sinus infection.
  • Bacteria can cause an acute bacterial sinus infection.
  • Antibiotics are often effective in treating acute sinusitis.
  • Recurrent or untreated acute sinusitis can lead to chronic sinusitis.
  • Frequent bouts of sinusitis or sinus infections that last three months or more may be chronic sinusitis.
  • Symptoms of chronic sinusitis are facial pain or fullness, nose congestion, persistent inability to smell, post-nasal discharge and headache.
  • Chronic sinusitis is a mechanical problem. Relief of obstruction requires long-term therapy with prescribed oral and/or nasal medication.
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery may also relieve obstruction.
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