Tympanostomy (Tubes)

Typanostomy Post-Operative Information


  • Advance diet as tolerated. Begin with clear liquids. Generally, children will be able to resume a normal diet by 12 noon or sooner on the day of surgery.
  • During bathing and hairwashing, avoid getting a lot of water in ears. Do not allow the water to run directly into the ear.
  • Temporary difficulty with balance is often seen for a few days following the procedure, but usually resolves within a week. Be especially careful about your child’s balance on the day of surgery. Avoid trampolines, bicycles and gymnastics for the first 24 hours to prevent injury from falling.
  • Some discharge from the ear may be noted for 1-2 days after the surgery. It may or may not be bloody. If the discharge continues after 2 days, or if it seems excessive, please call the office at (919) 790-2255.
  • For most children, Tylenol or Ibuprofen is all that is required for pain control. Dose according to age and weight recommendations on the packaging. Most patients need only one or two doses and are usually pain free in three to six hours after surgery.
  • Many children need to adjust to their improved hearing. They may still be crying at night and pulling at their ears for as long as two weeks after surgery.
  • If your child will be swimming, please discuss the use of ear plugs with your physician.
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