Sinus and Nasal Surgery

Sinus and Nasal Surgery Post-Operative Information

sinus and nasal surgery

  • No alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, or aspirin containing products for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your surgery.
  • Your nose will become crusty and stuffy. This is normal. You will also experience some postnasal drip and your ears will feel clogged. Do not blow your nose for the first week. If you sneeze, do so with your mouth open.
  • Use over-the-counter saline nose spray (AYR, Ocean or Salinex). Start on the 3rd day after your surgery and use it 3 to 4 times a day. Do not blow your nose after the nasal spray during the first week. Do not use any other nasal sprays!
  • No heavy lifting. Do not lift anything over 10 pounds for the first week. Weight may be slowly increased over the next few weeks.
  • No bending over. Bend at your knees if you need to pick something up off the floor.
  • No exercising (including sexual activity of any kind), running or swimming for 4 weeks after the date of your surgery.
  • For the first 24 hours, use an ice pack on the bridge of your nose intermittently if desired for comfort.
  • Avoid hot baths or showers since it may cause your nose to bleed.
  • No straining. Use laxatives or enemas if constipated.
  • You will be out of work for at least one week, most likely two weeks after your surgery. The recovery time depends on what procedures were performed.
  • Call the office if you have any bright red bleeding, severe pain unrelieved by the pain medication, a fever above 101. Call if you are unsure of a problem or have any concerns. Your post operative appointments have been made prior to your surgery. If you are unsure of when you are to return, please call the office.
  • Any anesthesia related concerns should be directed to the anesthesia department during your pretesting appointment at the hospital or facility.


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